domingo, 7 de mayo de 2023

Unthinking Charles Rul'd



(John Wilmot, Earl of Rochester, 1680) 

Tir'd with the noysom Follies of the Age,
And weary of my Part, I quit the Stage;
For who in Life's dull Farce a Part would bear,
Where Rogues, Whores, Bawds, all the head Actors are?
Long I with Charitable Malice strove,
Lashing the Court, those Vermin to remove,
But thriving Vice under the rod still grew,
As aged Lechers whipp'd, their Lust renew;
What though my life hath unsuccessful been,
(For who can this Augean Stable clean)
My gen'rous end I will pursue in Death,
And at Mankind rail with my parting breath.


If this is all the Policy you know,
This all the skill in States you boast of so,
How wisely did thy Country's Laws ordain
Never to let the foolish Women reign.
But what must we expect, who daily see
Unthinking Charles, Rul'd by Unthinking thee.



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